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In life, there are many important events that I would like to capture and periodically return to them. When it comes to a wedding or another family celebration, it is important to share your impressions with the next generations. Video and photo-shooting will help to make it as good as possible. 

Almost anyone can take a video and make a minimal video edition, but this does not mean that it will be interesting and delight the participants and witnesses. The video should be of high quality, and reflect the emotions and atmosphere of a wedding or other event as much as possible, so that the view remains relevant for many years, and the video can be shown to your friends. Such a task is available only to professionals who are employees of our company.


Our Aladdin Group company has been related to the event services market for over 18 years. During our work, we have implemented more than 700 projects, not allowing pattern-making. Exceptionally original ideas and no replay! At the same time, we are sensitive to client requirements. At his request, we make adjustments to the program script and design. Real masters will do video recording.


  • 2012 – beginning of master classes on video filming.
  • 2015 - our studio won Best Love Story and Best Wedding Video nominations.
  • 2017 - winning the video contest in the Best Wedding Video section.
  • 2019 - Award at the competition of videography in the Best Love Story section.
  • 2022 - Couples' Choice Awards. 

The main components of any photo and video shooting and weddings and celebrations nomination are:

  • interesting script and program,
  • the high-quality direction of the event,
  • correct design
  • high-quality equipment for shooting and editing.

Our team will provide all these components. An appropriate mood is required from the client. Creativity and professionalism will capture and convey the atmosphere of your celebration. Our studio specialists have been working in the video industry for many years. The accumulated experience and innate creativity make it possible to create uneasy interesting exclusive works, but also, to a certain extent, examples of real art.


You can order a service by contacting our company using the contacts on the website. Prices will pleasantly surprise. The cost does not exceed the average across the country.

Our masters move beyond and improve their level at various international trainings. At the same time, they are ready to share their experience, new information when conducting their master classes with competing colleagues, as well as with videographers from other fields. Annually conducted trainings are popular and collect a large number of people interested in professional growth.