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    • What is your approach? 
    Our shooting style: Documentaries about love based on real events. Being a storyteller at heart, we believe every person deserves their story to be told. Therefore, we take pleasure in creating wedding films that depict the genuine atmosphere of the day. Let's create a masterpiece together!
    • Do you film destination weddings? 
    Definitely! While we’re based in Los Angeles, California, we’re available for destination weddings worldwide. We already did weddings and other special events in Dubai, Russia, Turkey, China, Thailand, and Mauritius. If your wedding is in other cities outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, we’re happy to come to your city for an additional fee to cover the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations.
    • Do you film elopements? Love story videos? 
    Absolutely. Reach out anytime to ask about our special pricing for elopements! We shoot Engagement photos/videos, as well as Love Story in the form of a music video or plot comedy film. We can also arrange for these videos to be shown through a projector on the wedding day.
    • Do you have insurance? 
    Yes! We’re happy to send a copy of our certificate of liability insurance to your venue or any other vendors upon request.
    • Can you do a same-day edit? 
    We’re happy to offer a same-day edit for an additional fee. After your ceremony, one of your videographers will work with an editor on set to put together your same-day edit. We’ll make sure the final video is done in time for your reception.
    • My venue is very dark. How does your studio handle these situations? 
    We filmed in the darkest reception halls, so there is no need to worry! If the venue allows, we will add additional lighting to get in-focus shots. Some chapels do not allow flash photography, and for this reason, we shoot with cameras with excellent low-light performance and small aperture lenses.
    • What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time? 
    We never pack up before the contracted time, and moreover, we’re not leaving on the dot when the contracted time is up. Instead, we will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like us to stay, we will charge the rates specified in your contract.
    • How many pictures will we get? 
    Beyond removing duplicates or test photos, We don’t limit the number of images that we deliver to couples. As a general rule, you can expect around 80-100 images per hour of coverage.
    All those images are color-corrected in a style consistent with what you see on our website.
    • Will you edit all our pictures? 
    Definitely, all final images will be edited for color, saturation, exposure, and sharpness to ensure they look beautiful. We also offer retouching services like blemish removal and teeth whitening, changing the background, correcting the figure and adding additional effects and details for an additional charge.
    • How long will it take to see our pictures? 
    You will receive a few sneak peeks within 2 days. Our guaranteed turnaround time for your full gallery is 8 weeks, however, you'll typically, be able to view your photos online about 3-4 weeks after your wedding.
    • How soon after the wedding will I receive project video files and other finished products? 
    All RAW videos, highlight videos and full-length videos are expected to be delivered within 2 months of the date of the event.
    • How long before the wedding do I need to order the services of a photographer and videographer? 
    Our team is focused on creating exclusive creative projects, so we have orders in which our entire team is involved.
    We film a limited number of weddings yearly to ensure our couples receive the highest quality service, so our calendar typically fills up months in advance.
    The sooner you have everything planned and the sooner you reach out to us, the better your chances of having the Aladdin Films team deal with your project!
    • What's your backup plan if you can't film our wedding as planned? 
    In our 18 years of experience, we never canceled a booking.
    • How is the process of booking and paying for your services? 
    We will send you a preliminary contract by email for you to review. To do this, we need you to fill out the form posted on this site and send an application. Also, if necessary, we are ready to meet and discuss the details of the shooting day.
    After agreeing with all conditions and obligations regarding the provision of services by our company. We will send you the final version of the contract through the electronic signature system for signing. After you sign it, you have to make an advance payment to the business account of our company Aladdin Group LLC. We also can offer a monthly payment plan.